Payment Methods Supported at the Top UK Online Casinos

Support for payment methods forms one of the most critical aspects of online casino gambling, after security. That is why you see so many different payment methods at online casinos. UK online casinos support a significantly large number of payment methods. On this page we discuss in brief about the payment methods that the top UK casinos support and also take a quick look at each of these methods.

You will see that all the top UK online casinos support a range of payment methods. While all these methods are available for depositing funds into your casino account, there are quite a few that are available for making withdrawals to your bank account as well.

Our team tests and analyses all the payment methods available thoroughly. We list out only the ones that are the most popular and also the most efficient. Our reviews of these methods should give you a fair idea of what they are and how they work. That in turn is a big help when it comes to choosing a payment method to use when you are signing up at one of the top UK online casinos.

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More about Payment Method Support at UK Online Casinos

There are quite a few things you should know about payment methods supported at UK online casinos.

  • The top-notch UK online casinos all support not just internationally known payment brands but also local methods.
  • That is because players in the UK will be more comfortable with locally popular payment methods than international ones.
  • Players need to check whether the method they are looking for is supported by the UK online casino they are signed up with.
  • Payment method selection is also tied, in some UK online casinos, to extra bonuses and promotions.
  • That is why choosing the right method to make your deposits and withdrawals is critical.

Types of Payment Methods Supported at Top UK Online Casinos

There are different kinds of payment methods that top UK online casinos support.

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • E-wallets
  • Prepaid cards
  • Wire transfer

Each of these methods has its own set of rules and processes for making deposits and withdrawing funds. Not all of them may be available when it comes to withdrawing funds. We take a brief look at these methods.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are a good payment option for those looking to make a quick deposit into their casino accounts.

  • They are safe, completely secured, and reliable.
  • You can gamble even if you do not have money in your bank account as long as you have funds in your credit card account.
  • They are very convenient to use and allow for hassle-free deposits and, in the case of some of the top UK casinos, withdrawals.

On the negative side, there are a couple of things to consider:

  • It is not your money that you are using; it is money offered to you as credit by the company.
  • You will, therefore, need to pay this money back, with interest if the payback is prolonged.
  • There is a lot of documentation you have to provide the casino with for withdrawals using credit cards.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are nowadays being accepted at most of the top UK online casinos.

  • Debit cards are completely reliable and secure.
  • It is your own money that you use to deposit funds; there is no credit involved.
  • They are a good option if you want to regulate your gambling.
  • Whatever you win with this money is all yours as there is no one to pay back to.
  • Debit card deposits are fast and very convenient.

There are a couple of negatives as well:

  • Because it is your own money, you cannot make deposits if there is no money in your bank account.
  • There is a lot of documentation involved, especially when you are using debit cards to withdraw funds from your casino account.


E-wallets are the perfect payment option when you are playing at one of the top UK online casinos. These are digital wallets that serve as an interface between your casino and bank account. Popular e-wallets at UK online casinos include:

There are quite a few benefits to using e-wallets.

  • They are very fast and can be used to deposit as well as withdraw funds.
  • Deposits happen instantly.
  • Nowadays even withdrawals are instant at some casinos if you are using an e-wallet like NETELLER or Skrill.
  • They act as a shield between your bank and casino accounts, which means the casino is not privy to your personal banking information.
  • They are completely secure and also reliable as they use the latest digital encryption software to protect your money.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are a very good option for depositing funds at any of the top UK online casinos. They are cards that you can get:

  • Online
  • Any of the local stores in the neighbourhood

There are quite a few advantages to using prepaid cards:

  • They are completely anonymous and therefore safe.
  • Deposits happen instantly when you use a prepaid card.
  • They allow you to control your gambling as you can use only the amount you paid for the prepaid card.
  • There is no need to divulge your banking information to any of the parties.
  • They are completely secure as all you need to do is enter the unique code on each prepaid card.

There are just a couple of negative elements to using prepaid cards:

  • Most of the top UK online casinos do not allow the use of prepaid cards for making withdrawals out of a casino account.
  • This leaves you with the task of finding an alternate method for withdrawing funds.

Wire Transfer

Another convenient option to use for making payments and withdrawing funds at the top UK online casinos is wire transfer. Wire transfer, also called direct bank transfer, allows you to transfer funds from your bank to your casino account and vice versa directly.

  • It is the method to use for reliable transfer of funds.
  • With the security apparatus that banks use, this is one of the safest methods to use.
  • This option is available for making payments into your casino account as well as withdrawing from it.
  • It is an electronic transfer so no one else is privy to your personal information.

There are a couple of things to look out for:

  • Wire transfers usually take more time than any of the other methods available for making payments.
  • Since this is a direct transaction between your bank and your casino, there are chances – however remote – of malicious elements getting hold of your personal information.