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Types of Information Collected

  • CasinoSitesUK.com collects non-identifiable information from the user’s general activity on the given site. This is done for the purpose of overall improvement of the site’s infrastructure and services.
  • This site additionally collects identifiable information about each individual, predominantly related to the user’s geo-location and device used at the time they access it.
  • Both types of information are commonly known as Personal Information and represent the collection of data used in specific, predetermined scenarios.

Cookies Policy

  • A cookie is a specific piece of data that is stored on your device in order to track your access to CasinoSitesUK.com.
  • They collect, store and permanently track the user’s activity (if they choose to accept the cookie policy of our site).
  • Advantages of the use of cookies include: more suitable content, services and customer support, as well as easier navigation through the site on every consecutive visit.
  • Users have the right to remove the cookies through simple instructions from their chosen web browser. Note that this may lead to limited quality of the site’s services.

Sharing Information with Third Parties

  • CasinoSitesUK.com strongly forbids any flow of information from their private servers to third party companies, unless they have a special confidentiality agreement which guarantees that its use is completely internal and will not undergo any form of abuse.
  • Information is disclosed to associates and subcontractors solely, as well as any institution which demands it based on the country’s legal framework.
  • Under no circumstances can any identifiable information be sold, traded or in any other way manipulated for personal gains, thus putting the user’s privacy at risk.
  • Non-identifiable information which is of general character may be used externally, for certain entertainment and advertisement purposes or internally, for the website’s analytics.

Links to Third Parties

  • CasinoSitesUK.com may contain links which lead to certain third party associates.
  • Our site is completely independent of these third party companies. Thus, it is not expected of us to take responsibility for any content publicized by their authors.
  • Furthermore, we do not abide by their terms of service, just as much as they do not take into account ours when performing their operations.

Corporate Migration & Transaction

  • In a specific case where the company is about to be purchased by another entity or merge with its management, user information undergoes the same process as all other company assets. This means that should you be a user of our site’s services at the given time, information about your activity on the site will be shared with the relevant company.

Legal Gambling Age

  • Minors younger than 18 years are not allowed to engage in gambling.
  • Our site fully supports this claim and aims to limit its services to users who are 18 or above.