ScotlandThere will come a time in every gamblers life that they will be paying a visit to a different town, city or even country that they may never have visited before, and one of the exciting things about visiting somewhere new is that there will always be plenty of gambling opportunities available!

With that in mind we have compiled the following guide that is going to be giving you an insight into the land based casino landscape in Scotland and we will also be enlightening anyone who lives in Scotland just which online casino sites will be worth signing up to.

As such, if you are about to pay a visit to Scotland or you are currently living there and you do wish to know just which casinos are worth paying a visit to or are worth signing up to online then please read on and all will be revealed to you!


Best Scotland Real Money, Licensed and Legal Casino Sites

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Aberdeen Casinos – It may surprise you to learn that there are quite a number of casinos located and based in Aberdeen, and every single one of them will be worth visiting for they all have a huge range of different casino games available within their four walls!

Glasgow North Casinos – Due to the enormous range of land based casinos in Glasgow we have two guides that you are more than welcome to make use of if you are planning on visiting that city and playing casino games this guide is taking a look at what is offered in the North Glasgow casinos.

Dundee Casinos – Another part of Scotland that you may just be visiting one day soon is Dundee, and we are pleased to let you know there will be more than enough land based gambling opportunities available to you there!

Glasgow Casinos – There are going to be lots of casinos you can visit if you are in Central Glasgow and as such if that is somewhere you plan on visiting soon then please do make use of a Glasgow specific casino guides!


Remember that there is much more to do than simply gamble in any Glasgow casino you do decide to visit, and as you can see in the video above it is a great place for you to celebrate your Birthday too!

Edinburgh Casinos – Another major city in Scotland that is not short on land based casinos is of course Edinburgh, and one thing that you will always find when you do visit a land based casino there is you will be given a very warm Scottish welcome!

Who Licenses and Regulates Casinos in Scotland?

All online casinos that are based in Scotland will be licensed and regulated ultimately by the UK Gambling Commission, however each land based casino venue will also have to apply for and by granted the relevant local councils planning permission.

The UK Gambling Commission is very strict in regards to what games, stakes and a range of other rules and regulates must be available and adhered to in all casinos they license, and as such you will find more information about how they do oversee all UK land based casinos by checking out their website.

What Types of Casino Games Can I Play in Scotland?

Let us now move onto to giving you an insight into just which types and categories of casino games are going to be readily on offer to you in any Scottish land based casino venue you do decide to pay a visit to.

Slot Machines – There will be video slot games offering you all types of bonus games and bonus features available in every single land based casino you visit in Scotland however you will also come across a range of progressive jackpot awarding slot machines too. Those games can and do offer some life changing jackpot payouts so make sure you do at the very least give them a little bit of play time!

Blackjack Games – If you are an avid Blackjack player then you will be pleased to hear every single land based casino in Scotland will have at least one Blackjack table on offer and available no matter when you visit those land based casinos, in fact many casinos have lots of blackjack tables on offer!

Roulette Games – One thing worth knowing about the Roulette games that you are going to be able to play in any Scottish land based casino is that there will only be one single zero on the Roulette wheel and betting layout and as such you will be accessing and play a very low house edge variant! The stake levels that you can play for will be variable depending on just which table and casino you decide to play at!

3 Card Poker Games – One additional type of casino card game that you may enjoy playing are the new 3 card poker games, it may be worth you checking out how to play those games for you will have two different betting options per game you play off either of which could award you with a large valued winning payout!

Online Casinos in Scotland

Be aware that in addition to giving you lots of information regarding land based casinos in Scotland we do also have lots of information regarding online casino sites too that anyone over the age of 18 is permitted to sign up to and play at.

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