ScarboroughThere is quite a lot of what are best described as seaside towns in and around the UK, and one place that you may have fond memories of if you have visited there before is Scarborough.

However, one thing that you may enjoy doing if you visit land based casinos regularly is to drive around the UK and visit land based casinos in different towns and cities that you have never played before, and if that is something that you do enjoy doing an you fancy paying a visit to Scarborough then this guide will enlighten you on which casinos there are in this very vibrant town.

If you are for example planning a holiday in Scarborough and you want to know just what types of casino games you can play there then all will be revealed to you below. ,However if you live in that town and you want to start playing casino games online then that is something we are also going to be able to help you with.

For we have included in this guide a range of answers to questions that are often asked by first time online casino game players and as such read on for there are quite a number of special casino promotional offers available at our feature online casino sites that you are going to be able to claim and make use of!


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Stats and Facts about Scarborough

The town of Scarborough is in the English County of North Yorkshire and has a population of around 625,698 people, it is one of many towns in Great Britain that is classified as and has the status of being a Borough as opposed to having a civil parish with a town council.


When visiting Scarborough you will find there are many places you can gamble in and those include lots of betting shops and betting offices, amusement arcades and of course land based casinos too.

Gambling Laws in Scarborough

If you do live in Scarborough or you are visiting Scarborough you will need to be over the age of 18 to be able to legally enter a casino and gamble there. Be aware that there are other forms of gambling under 18’s can partake in when in Scarborough and those include buying scratchcards and playing the National Lottery and playing low stake fruit machines in amusement arcades too.

One thing that you will need to have on you is photo I.D. be able to gain entry into a casino in Scarborough and when playing at an online casino you will be required to supply some form of identification to the casino site you are playing at that has your name, age and current address printed upon it.

Top Land Based Casinos in Scarborough

The top and most visited land based casinos in Scarborough are listed below, if you are planning a trip to Scarborough then you are going to find plenty of different casino games are available to you at each of the following casinos, but you will need to be over the age of 18 to gain entry to any Scarborough casino venue, for more information on any Scarborough casino please visit the casinos website listed below.

There are 2 casinos in and around the Scarborough area, and below you will find all of the contact details of the ones we think you will enjoy visiting the most in order of their popularity.

Grosvenor E Casino Scarborough – The address and contact details of this casino are: Address: 26 Newborough, North Yorkshire YO11 1NA, UK Phone: +44 1723 343760

Opera House Casino – If you plan on visiting this casino then here is the phone number along with the address: Address: 56-64 St Thomas St, Scarborough YO11 1DU, UK Phone: +44 1723 357940

Scarborough Gambling Resources

Any Scarborough land based casino needs to have the relevant planning permission and licenses for that venue as issued by Scarborough Council. You will also find you can play at many online casinos and mobile casinos some of which are licensed by the Antigua Directorate of Offshore Gambling.Playing at a mobile or online casino in Scarborough will see you also being able to access and play a very large range of different casino games many of which may have designed by Thunderkick.

All forms of gambling in Scarborough are regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. If you have any questions regarding any form of gambling in Scarborough or wish to make a complaint about any casino or gambling establishment in Scarborough then you will find information on how to do so on their website.

Advice for Casino Gambling in Scarborough

When you do visit a town that has more than one land based casino in it then you do have the opportunity of playing at either venue obviously. However, when there is more than one casino in any town or city in the UK you will often find they put together some form of promotional offer from time to time which you should look out for as some of the promotions they will be running can be high valued ones!

Friends Meeting House, 5 Quaker Close Scarborough, United Kingdom, YO12 5QZ is where you will find a Gamblers Anonymous meeting being held if you do feel that you cannot control your gambling and live in or around the Scarborough area, and you can get the dates and times for that meeting and full directions to that venue from the GA website.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section of our guide to Scarborough land based casinos and also casinos that you can access online in Scarborough is going to be answering a range of additional questions that you may be seeking the answers too, so please do read on.

If you want to visit a land based casino in the town of Scarborough you will be best advised to check the respective website of the casino you wish to visit for information on their opening times and also the range of games that you will be able to play there too.

One of the main benefits of playing in a land based casino in the UK is that legally each casino has to display on the front of the slot machine somewhere very visible the long term expected payout percentage the slot has been designed to pay back to players. Whilst they can of course increase or decrease the RTP’s on any of their slot machines at any time you will always know what the RTP’s by looking up that information on the front of the slot machine or machines you fancy playing in those venues!

Free spins casino bonuses are going to be on offer to players who sign up to any of our featured casino sites. Be aware that when claiming any free spins bonus offers you do come across being made available to you that there will always be terms and conditions that you will need to read through before you claim them.

All free spins casino bonuses that you find being offered to you on our website are from fully licensed and regulated casino sites that do allow UK players to sign up and claim them, and as such you will have peace of mind when claiming those free spins bonuses and will always get paid if you win with them!

If you do want to play slot machines in any casino site you visit or when you are playing them online then the only slot machines you should be looking to play are the ones that high the highest payout percentages.

All online casino sites will list the payout percentages of all of their available slot machines on their websites and as such make sure you look up that information, and always play slot machines optimally and do consider using bonuses to play them with too for more playing value!

If you are looking for free drinks then you will find them being made available to you at some land based casino venues, however keep in mind each casino is run and operated differently so not all casinos you may pay a visit to will give you free drinks!

If you are looking for free drinks then consider looking at land based casinos in other towns and cities nearby where you live or are staying, as it may be beneficial for you to visit some other casinos than the ones closest to where you are!

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