Ritz Club Casino London

The Ritz Club casino in London is one of the most exclusive and classy land-based casinos around. The Ritz is one of the most well-known international brands and the casino completely lives up to the image of that brand. The casino has a typical British feel about it and also a great selection of games for its players. Guests are dropped to the casino in limousines and accorded a warm welcome by the staff.

The Ritz Club casino is an exclusive casino, as we mentioned earlier, and that is why its doors are not open to all people. Entry is solely by private membership only, which means you have to be a member at the casino to be able to play its games. And membership does not come cheap; life membership at the Ritz Club casino costs you £1500.

More about Ritz Club Casino

At the Ritz Club casino you get not just a chance to play a range of exciting casino games in one of the most luxurious environments around; there are also a range of other equally elite services on offer.

  • Very friendly reception on entry
  • The best in terms of food at its award-winning restaurant
  • The finest beverages at the Ritz Club Bar including:
    • A range of exotic champagnes
    • The finest whiskeys
  • Exciting cocktails
  • An opulent ambience in tune with the high stakes games here
  • Efficient concierge services that help in procuring tickets to exciting events like
    • Sports events
    • Great shows
    • Entertainment events

Ritz Club Casino Opening Hours

The Ritz Club casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for players looking to play their favorite casino games. The timings vary for the restaurant and bar:

  • Restaurant: The following are the timings at the restaurant at the Ritz Club casino:
    • Breakfast: 8:00 am to 11:00 am
    • Lunch and Dinner: 11:00 am to 2:00 am
  • Bar: The Ritz Club Bar is open from 12:00 pm to 3:00 am every day.

You have to be at least 18 years of age to play the games available at Ritz Club casino for money. The primary accepted at this casino is the British Pound Sterling (£). Players may also opt to pay in other globally accepted currencies.

Games at Ritz Club Casino

There is an exciting range of games you can choose from at the Ritz Club casino. The games are available for play at the Main Salon located in what was earlier the ballroom of the Ritz hotel. There are also discreet salles privies or private gaming rooms that you can play the games in if you are the kind that requires a bit of privacy while playing. These include:

  • The Carmen Lounge
  • The Amber Lounge
  • The Aida Lounge

The games on offer at the casino include:

  • Roulette: You get to play single-zero roulette when you are at this casino.
  • Blackjack: There are a range of blackjack games on offer for you to choose from.
  • Baccarat: Also known as Punto Banco, this is another popular game at Ritz Club casino.
  • Three Card Poker: This is the one version of poker that is available at the Ritz Club casino.

You also have the option of raising the stakes regardless of where you are playing. How much you can raise the stakes depends on where in the casino you are playing.

  • Main Salon: At the main salon you can raise the stakes for the different games as follows:
    • Roulette: 4x
    • Blackjack: 3x
    • Three Card Poker: 2x
    • Baccarat: 2x
  • Carmen Lounge: The following is how much you can raise the stakes at the Carmen Lounge:
    • Roulette: 2x
  • Blackjack: 1x
  • Baccarat: 1x
  • Amber Lounge: At the Amber Lounge the following is the amount you can raise the stakes by:
    • Roulette: 2x
    • Baccarat: 2x
  • Aida Lounge: The following is how much you can raise the stakes at the Aida Lounge:
    • Baccarat: 2x

The table limits at Ritz Club casino vary depending on the game you are playing. We list below for you the minimum table limits for the various games; the maximum table limit is available only on request.

  • Blackjack: £25; this applies to different side bets such as:
    • 21+3
    • Pair Plus
    • Top 3
  • Roulette: £5
  • Baccarat: £25; there are some exciting side bets available, from the same table limit
  • Three Card Poker: £25; this limit applies to the following side bets as well:
    • Pair Plus
    • Prime

Promotions at Ritz Club Casino

Ritz Club casino is not easy to get into; an application for membership does not always mean automatic acceptance. But once you are accepted as a member you not only get to play in a fabulously opulent environment but also a range of exciting promotions. You are acknowledged as a VIP by the simple factn that you are able to play at this casino and accorded VIP treatment. The bonuses and benefits that this comes with includes:

  • Higher limits when it comes to
    • Deposits
    • Withdrawals
    • Table limits
  • Massive cash bonuses
  • Account administration personally by a senior manager

Dress Code at Ritz Club Casino

Ritz Club casino is an exclusive land-based casino that caters to a very select and very wealthy clientele. The dress code at the casino, therefore, is smart casuals. The casino does not allow or encourage outrageous clothing or attire that is offensive to public taste.

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