Etiquette in the Casino Lounge

Etiquette in the Casino Lounge October 3, 2017 Adrian Thorpe
October 3, 2017 by Adrian Thorpe

Casino EtiquetteGambling at casinos has always been exciting. The atmosphere at a land-based casino is electric: the excitement, the gaming tables and the people around them, the slots, and the noise levels give you an experience you would never experience anywhere else.

However, there is a lot more to the casino than just the fun and games. There is casino language – commonly used terms for the different games – to learn and also etiquette to maintain.

There are basic rules that casinos have in place, and these rules together comprise what is commonly referred to as casino etiquette. These are basic rules that are in place to ensure players maintain decorum inside the casino and help avoid chaotic situations.

Players usually follow the rules of casino etiquette because it saves them disapproving looks from other players and casino staff and also helps them avoid making complete fools of themselves, in certain cases. If you are at a professional gambling establishment, the least one can do is act like a professional and not an awe-struck amateur.

Important Rules of Etiquette at a Land-Based Casino

There are a few important rules of etiquette at the casino lounge that players are expected to follow. Of course, different casinos have their own specific sets of rules as well when it comes to etiquette. The following are some generic rules of etiquette you are expected to follow at the casino lounge.

  • Keeping your mobile devices and gadgets switched off – Every land-based casino has this one rule that all are expected to follow: mobile devices and cell phones are not allowed to be switched on in the gaming area. This is done to ensure fair gaming and to prevent cheating of any kind, by the players. Also, for security reasons again, cameras are not allowed on the gaming floor.
  • Tipping the dealer – Tipping the dealer is an accepted norm at most casinos. While this does not need to happen after each hand, it is common practice to slip in an additional chip with the amount you wagered every now and then as appreciation for helping run the game. The dealer gets the tip regardless of whether you win or lose the game. Also the tip amount is shared by the casino crew running the table, which means a little extra for everybody.
  • Conforming to the accepted dress code – Most casinos have their own code of conduct and the apparel you can wear when you visit them. Many of the top casinos today are okay with apparel that is business casual wear or even casuals. However, there are specific items of clothing that are not acceptable, like for instance shorts and flip-flops. Many casinos forbid hoodies and caps as well. Sticking with the dress code ensures uniformity and guarantees you do not stand out from the rest, awkwardly that is.
  • Knowing your bet limits – This is an important element of casino etiquette; know your bets before you sit at a gaming table. Doing that is not too difficult, given that the minimum and maximum bets are usually displayed at the table. You do not want to look like an idiot when it comes to placing your bets by placing a wager that is way below the minimal bet.
  • Knowing your game – Read up on the games you want to play before getting down to actually playing them at the land-based casino you are at. There are many casinos that offer practice tables where you can take a shot at learning the games from the dealers; get to them if you are new and be sure you know what you are playing and how to play it.

More of General Rules of Etiquette at the Casino

Here are a few more general rules of etiquette you are expected to follow when you are at a land-based casino to play your favorite casino games.

  • Keeping your food and beverages in the right place – Spilling food or drink at a crowded table is a definite no-no. It hassles everyone because the table would need to be changed. That is not something most people would like, especially when they are settled in comfortably and even more if they are in the middle of a winning streak. Therefore, keep your food and drink in the appropriate spaces provided.
  • Not cashing out after a big win (especially in blackjack or poker) – It is considered bad form to immediately cash in and walk out after even a moderately big win. The standard approach is to tip the dealer, play a little more, and then walk away. That way, there are no sore feelings at the table you are leaving behind.
  • Waiting for your turn when it comes to receiving payouts – The standard practice is to wait patiently for the dealer to pay you out for the chips won. There is a specific order that the dealer follows, and you would do well to stick to that pattern and not barge in on the rest. Your money is yours to take and no one is going to snatch that from you, or there won’t ever be a situation where you wait your turn but don’t get paid because the money is over!
  • Staying away from cheating – Nobody loves a cheat; not the casino, not the other players. The best way to win is fair and square. Card counting and betting systems may not be officially illegal but casinos frown on it and security is likely to come down heavily on you if you are caught indulging in it. Or in any other forms of cheating for that matter. Play hard, but play fair; this is another universal rules of etiquette that casinos have for players to follow.
  • Getting into arguments or squabbles – Everybody is at the casino for a good time. So even if you are having a bad day, the thing to know would be when to walk away, and not how to yell at other players or the dealer. Getting into fights is nasty business and will invite casino security to the table to handle you and your displeasure. The worst thing to possibly happen: imagine getting banned from that casino for good!
  • Read up about casino etiquette – The internet has information about each and every aspect of life, including casino gambling. The best thing you can do before hitting a casino for the first time is to spend a while reading up on general etiquette rules at land-based casinos. This gives you perspective on the dos and don’ts when you are there and allows you to have an enjoyable and hassle-free gaming experience.

Etiquette at the Lounge in Online Casinos

Even when you play at an online casino, there is certain basic etiquette you are expected to maintain. These include, among others:

  • Not using foul language when chatting with others.
  • Not being abusive towards the live dealers at a live dealer casino game.
  • Not trying to engage in fraudulent means like playing with bonuses and not honoring the conditions attached to them.
  • Not using multiple accounts for the same casino from your computer or mobile device.

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