New Rules for UK Gambling Operators to Come into Force on Halloween

New Rules for UK Gambling Operators to Come into Force on Halloween October 30, 2018 Jack Jakob
October 30, 2018 by Jack Jakob

uk gambling commissionThe UK Gambling Commission has been doing what it can to adjust the level of issues that the gambling industry has within the country. Problem gambling has been on the rise, and some online operators have managed to get away with mistreatment of their players.

However, things are about to change, with a new ruleset for operators coming into effect on October 31.

A video has been released by the Commission, to explain what these changes are and what they will mean for the operators of online casinos.

Not only that, but in the video, the programme director for consumer protection and empowerment, Ian Angus, explained how consumers will also be better protected when joining and playing at gaming sites.

In order for operators to receive and maintain a licence, the new codes of practice will cover five points. To begin with, it will be a requirement that all operators should abide by the laws of advertising. These are enforced by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). It was only recently that this point was hammered home by Angus during a speech at the ‘Responsible Marketing for Gambling Operators’ conference.

Not only that, but operators will also be held fully accountable for the behaviour and actions of any third parties. This means that affiliates will be the responsibility of their respective casinos. Consumer law must also be complied with by operators, especially when it comes to online promotions and the ability for customers to withdraw funds.
The final two points relate to operators ensuring that they do not spam their players by “electronic means” and that better complaint handling processes need to be introduced. A sub-point of that requires all complaints to be resolved within an eight-week period.

Angus Explains It All

The changes reflect our broader strategic ambitions

Angus said, speaking of wanting to make the gambling industry a fair and safe one. He went on to say that there was clear evidence about consumers not receiving fair treatment. This, he stated, has led to public trust in both online and offline gambling declining.

Compliance failings were something else that Angus brought up too, with a focus on the fact that concerns over children, young people and vulnerable people being affected by it had been raised. He went on to state that “widespread support” was clear for the changes to the licensing rules.

The changes will mean that the Commission has the ability to act more swiftly…”, he went on, speaking of breaches concerning consumer law. Angus said that he and the Commission expect all operators to obey and abide by the new rules, although very much in relation to the terms concerning online promotions and players being able to withdraw their funds. He said that with the new rules, he expects there to be no more misleading bonus offers and easy-to-understand terms and conditions.

Should any operator fail to comply with the rules outlined, the Commission has the ability to utilise tough measures, including fines, on them.

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