New Commercial from Sky Bet Places Focus on ‘Responsible Gambling’

New Commercial from Sky Bet Places Focus on ‘Responsible Gambling’ November 17, 2017 Jack Jakob
November 17, 2017 by Jack Jakob

Sky BetIn this day and age, many online gaming and sports betting sites are involving themselves in the world of advertising. And it’s only normal to promote the product that you’re wanting people to enjoy.

On UK television, we’re used to seeing commercial breaks that feature adverts for casinos and sportsbooks.

They usually express how great gaming is at their sites and what kind of jackpots and huge winnings you can receive. However, things are about to change somewhat for one company.

The latest advertisement from Sky Bet will be bringing ‘Responsible Gambling’ to the forefront of its message. It will begin airing on Saturday, with Sky Sports presenter Jeff Stelling at its helm.

The 30-second commercial instantly brings the slogan, “When the Fun Stops. Stop” to the beginning. And the words are constantly on the screen in bold lettering for the duration of the clip. Of course, with Sky Bet being a sports betting platform, informing potential bettors that it’s better to stop may seem quite obverse in general. However, there is a reason behind the Sky Bet ad promoting such words at the same time as its own platform.

The Senet Group

The large words within this commercial is The Senet Group’s responsible gambling slogan, of which Sky Bet is a member. The Senet Group is a company that promotes responsible gambling standards and ensures the marketing of gambling is socially responsible. And it is due to this reason that Sky Bet’s latest ad focuses heavily on responsible betting. Membership to this group is open to licensed operators that are active in the UK market. Almost 75% of retail betting shops and around 40% of the gambling sector in total consider themselves as members of this group.

The marketing director of Sky Bet, Rob Painter said that bringing the slogan of The Senet Group to the forefront of this commercial was “the right thing to do”. He added that Sky Bet, as well as the rest of Sky’s gaming platforms such as Sky Casino, have been a part of The Senet Group for two-and-a-half years. And with that being the case, it seemed like the right time to promote the necessity of responsible gambling.

The commercial itself is just one of several other ads that will begin airing in the upcoming days. And while some of them do promote different sports, such as horse racing, it is the responsible gambling ad that provides perhaps the biggest impact.

The Sky Expansion

Sky UK Limited is perhaps the biggest known telecommunications company in the United Kingdom, providing television and broadband internet services primarily. However, it also offers up fixed line and mobile telephone services to consumers and businesses within the UK. It has been in existence since 1990 and remains as the largest digital subscription television company to this day.

However, it is also responsible for providing multiple different online gaming and gambling platforms. These include the aforementioned Sky Casino, as well as Sky Bingo, Sky Vegas, Fantasy Football and Sky Poker, to name a few.

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