Casino Games Remain Popular, Even with Plans to Bring UK Gambling Changes Forward

Casino Games Remain Popular, Even with Plans to Bring UK Gambling Changes Forward November 29, 2018 Jack Jakob
November 29, 2018 by Jack Jakob

casino gamesIt’s no secret that those against gambling in the United Kingdom are eagerly waiting for new laws to come into effect that will decrease the maximum bet that players can place on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs). Initially, the government of the country had taken steps towards implementing these laws by the end of next year. However, it now seems that they could potentially be brought into effect in April 2019.

One would think that with such drastic changes in the law – especially considering that the maximum bets are changing from £100 to just £2 on the FOBTs – bookies would be worried about the knock-on effect. However, they don’t seem to have suffered any setbacks as of yet. The feeling is that those players who spend a lot of time getting enjoyment and satisfaction out of casino options, are demonstrating their love of the pastime to the powers that be. Naturally, this only works wonders for the casino industry in the UK.

The betting terminals in question feature popular casino games, like roulette and blackjack, for example. With the popularity of these machines already being apparent, a reduction in the maximum wager that can be placed on them is certain to have a negative effect on the industry.

The original date for this change to come into effect would have given casinos and gambling operators the chance to adjust to the new laws. Furthermore, the government intends to increase the tax levy on casinos, so as to cover any losses that it will face from the bet reduction. Yet, it’s no secret that the government has also been under immense pressure to impose the restrictions sooner.

What Led to the Change in Laws?

Multiple reports have suggested throughout the past few years, that gambling addiction is fast becoming an unmanageable problem in the United Kingdom. And with recent investigations revealing that the number of child gamblers is also on the rise, the government was forced to do something about it.
Gambling operators are now required by law to ensure that customers are well aware of their own limits. This has seen a mass of casinos work alongside organisations such as GambleAware, to promote responsible gambling.
Not only that, but during the first week of November, the first “Responsible Gambling Week” took place, which is now set to be an annual event. This saw over 190 gambling operators in the United Kingdom support it, heavily promoting responsible gambling on their casino and sports betting sites.

Of course, the casino industry on the whole has benefitted immensely from the popularity of gaming in the UK. With mobile gaming also constantly on the rise in recent years, players now have more access to such games than ever before.

Yet, it is also because of this popularity that the new laws are being implemented as soon as possible. While it’s important for players to get the most out of their gambling experience, it’s also necessary for them to remain within their own limits. Nobody can predict what the future of the UK gambling world will look like once the new laws are fully in effect, but the likelihood is that it will remain a popular pastime with citizens.

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