Lottery Operators Receive Stern Warning from Gambling Commission

Lottery Operators Receive Stern Warning from Gambling Commission January 22, 2018 Jack Jakob
January 22, 2018 by Jack Jakob

The United Kingdom has several lottery operators, providing different types of games to participate in. However, the UK’s Gambling Commission has had to urge these operators to make sure that their advertising adheres to all rules and regulations set. This all came following a recent issue with the country’s Health Lottery. Back in November of 2017, this company had a warning issued by the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in relation to an advertisement. This ad promoted amounts of up to £100,000 that could be won via each of the five draws that place every week.

In essence, the advertisement meant that it had the possibility of paying out a total of £500,000 in jackpot funds each week. However, after checking into the history of the top prize of £100,000, the ASA noted that this amount has not been won since February of 2015. At this time, it was shared between 10 different lottery players. This is also the time when the operator introduced the five weekly draws. Because of this, the Authority said that the advertisement does not give a realistic representation of that amount that is likely to be won when playing this lottery.

The Gambling Commission Warns Remaining Lottery Operators

After the revelation of the Health Lottery advertisement, the company was forced to remove it. Furthermore, it was informed “not to exaggerate” on the likely winnings that are available by playing the lottery in upcoming and future promotional material.

This case is also now being utilised by the UK’s Gambling Commission as a direct case for other lottery operators to take notice of, warning them to adhere to the ASA’s rules. Speaking of the case, the regulatory body of the country said that gambling taking place in a just and fair, as well as open way is one of the main focal points of licensing objectives. This rule also relates to any advertising that these licensed operators carry out too.

“Where information about the prizes available in your lottery is published you must make sure this is done in a clear, transparent and unambiguous way…”, the Commission said.

This, it went on to state, is so that consumers of the product will be fully clear on the sort of prizes that are on offer. In closing, the Commission said that adverts should not mislead players by proceeding to exaggerate potential winnings that are available.

The Health Lottery of the United Kingdom launched in October of 2011 and sees players choose five different numbers between one and 50. At least three of these numbers must match in the draw in order for the player to win any sort of prize. In order to win the grand prize of £100,000, gamers must match all five numbers on their lottery ticket to the five numbers drawn on one of the five days.

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