GameAccount Network Unites with SBTech for US Market

GameAccount Network Unites with SBTech for US Market January 17, 2018 Jack Jakob
January 17, 2018 by Jack Jakob

What has been called “a strategic US services partnership” between the GameAccount Network (GAN) and SBTech was announced this week. The former of these companies, which deals in B2B gambling systems provisions will accept products from SBTech to integrate into its own platform software, which goes by the name of GameSTACK. Once the integration takes place, management at GAN will have the ability to provide sports betting options to certain partners within its collection of US clients.

It’s a great move, as the clients of GAN actually represent over seventy different casino establishments from East coast to West. These generate more than $8 billion in gaming revenues from land-based locations every year. An update for investors came from the CEO of GAN, Dermot Smurfit. He said that his company has received queries from multiple clients who wish for them to deliver a solution relating to sports betting for online and brick-and-mortar establishments. This may seem a little bit premature – but many companies are preparing themselves for the potential overturning of the PASPA legislation.

Smurfit went on to say that GAN has gone through a “lengthy diligence process” across the European continent in order to seek out a preferable partner in the sports betting world. Areas that were looked at include technical capability, the ability to integrate easily with the GAN enterprise platform, suitability for US licensing and how sophisticated their sports services are. This is what led GAN to the SBTech products. Both parties went on to state that the partnership is set to deliver a big advantage if the Supreme Court of the US overturns the aforementioned legislation.

SBTech Ready for Partnership

It wasn’t only GAN that made comments relating to the pairing. The CEO for the SBTech company, Richard Carter, also put forth his words on his company’s stance about the unison. He said that the partnership is a “logical” move for them. It will allow the company to swiftly introduce and integrate its own sports betting technology alongside all of the services that go with it to a large collection of casinos in the United States. The move has a prime goal for SBTech. It wants to be the first company to settle a US sports bet in both the online and offline worlds.

He also went on to back GAN as the company’s US partner, stating: “GAN is a licensed, trusted partner to more than a dozen US casino operators equipped with unique intellectual property and a proven track record in delivering and growing Internet gaming businesses in the United States.”

At current SBTech employs over 750 people around the world and has over 15 regulated markets available. It provides over 10 years of experience to the industry and has international offices in at least eight locations. The company has won countless awards, including Sports Betting Supplier of the Year at the GIA Awards in 2017 and the EGR In-Play Betting Software Provider of the Year at the B2B Awards.

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