UKGC Reminds Gambling Sites of New General Data Protection Regulations

UKGC Reminds Gambling Sites of New General Data Protection Regulations April 13, 2018 Jack Jakob
April 13, 2018 by Jack Jakob

A reminder has been given to businesses operating in the local gambling market regarding the initiation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This reminder – issued by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission – informed online gambling sites that the new regulation will come into effect on May 25 of this year. The regulation is set to affect both the United Kingdom and the remainder of the European Union (EU). Alas, this is being touted as something that will help operators to meet rules set out in their licences.

Naturally, being known as a Data Protection regulation, it will serve to protect the data of players from being stolen and used for other motives. It requires operators to take further actions when it comes to their own use of customers’ personal data too. This will unite with the regulations in place that already serve to protect an individual’s rights. Under the new regulation, gambling companies will be expected to pay extra attention to the dangers that gamers could be put into and in such instances, make sure that they cover all possible routes and measures to decrease such risks.

The current regulations relating to the protection of data have been in place for over a couple of decades and as it stands, these rules stay exactly the same. Basically, this means that the companies have to guarantee the safety, the fairness and the transparency of customer details and what they will do with them.

Things Being Set in Motion by the ICO

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is set to regulate the new piece of legislation, as well as the provision of guidance on it. As it stands, both the Gambling Commission of the UK and the ICO realise the need for stable rules relating to the effective use of players’ personal data at online casinos and sportsbooks etc. This will help with finding solutions to various problems that plague the sector, including gambling-related crime and addiction.

A certain number of changes and improvements to the current data protection regulations are to be put into effect with the arrival of May 25. These include rules around the way that gambling operators utilise and manage personal data of their players.

Furthermore, something that will mark a big update, will be the inclusion of a legal definition of “consent” as well as the indication of such. This should not be open to more than one interpretation, especially where online gambling platforms are concerned, so it will therefore require a clear and definitive description. This relates to the consent for withdrawals and more as well, which will also be found in the new regulation.

One final thing to remember about the GDPR, is that it will also provide for a certain number of what are deemed as “lawful circumstances”, that are especially there in order to allow the processing of the personal data of customers. This will work towards the efforts of the authorities to tackle such serious problems as money laundering and related crimes.

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