SafeCharge Aiming to Conquer the US Gambling Market with UK Experience

SafeCharge Aiming to Conquer the US Gambling Market with UK Experience February 7, 2019 Jack Jakob
February 7, 2019 by Jack Jakob

safecharge gamblingSafeCharge may not be known prominently amongst the online gaming community, but that’s because it tends to operate behind the scenes as a payment firm. It has been working alongside the online sportsbook and casino Ladbrokes in the United Kingdom. Now, it aims to take the experience of working with such a high-profile brand across to the US gambling market.

In January of this year, SafeCharge unveiled its newly formed partnership with the Mazooma software developer, placing it in a prime position to work its way into the North American market, particularly in the area of sports betting.

Involved within this partnership deal, the payment service will be able to access the eCheck Select technology that Mazooma provides. This technology is capable of accessing data that is at bank-level, and also processes real-time identity checks on anyone using the service while they’re making their online payments. Combining this with the technology that SafeCharge already has will be quite the boon.

This may not seem like much of a perk, but the US market prides itself quite heavily on geolocation and control of underage gambling. Therefore, with SafeCharge being able to get access to this innovation, it manages to put itself in a great position across the country. Plus, because of the partnerships that SafeCharge has with Ladbrokes and other companies like Rank Group, it already owns a wealth of knowledge when it comes to payments relating to gambling.

The Issues Involving the Wire Act

News has been rife recently about the reversal of the Wire Act in the United States, which looks like it will have a big effect on the gambling industry. The Department of Justice (DoJ) recently altered its opinion on one of its laws that governs cross-state wire communications. It is because of this that the country’s gambling market seems to be currently hanging in the balance.

Ramifications of this have yet to be seen, although certain key gambling advocates in the US have spoken up about the changes. Several industry insiders have also considered that it may bring an end to the market as it is known.

Not only that, but certain documents were leaked by the Wall Street Journal, clearly showing that US business magnate, investor and philanthropist Sheldon Adelson, was one of the key influencers in managing to sway the mindset of the DoJ. Lobbyists were quick to jump on this, backing Adelson up by claiming that gambling puts minors at risk.

Yet, because of SafeCharge’s link up with Mazooma, a user’s age, identity, credit rating and location can all be verified right there on the spot.

Of course, this technology is not something that is directly unique to Mazooma. However, the fact that the SafeCharge payment provider is able to use it for gambling purposes does stand as quite an argument that could rally for the industry. Various states and operators are already preparing themselves to fight back against the reversal of the Wire Act, so this particular factor will no doubt bolster such a push.

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